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Every week he focuses on a different topic but always allots time for your questions and concerns. Stay informed by following our livestream account linked below.

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Each week Dr. Gooing hosts a livestream program via Facebook Live every Thursday where he talks about a wide variety of health topics including pH importance, effects of radiation toxicity, and the 4G/5G effect. Please feel free to click on the links below and watch our past livestream programs. about current livestream programs or the ones listed below, contact any staff member at [email protected]

Click here for all livestream programs: Past Livestream Programs

1. pH; the 5 keys to great health
pH; the 5 keys to great health (Part 2)

2. Why is pH important?

3. pH; acid VS. alkaline
pH; acid VS alkaline (Part 2)

4. Thyroid & Parathyroid Connection
 Thyroid & Parathyroid Connection (Part 2)

5. Protecting ourselves from the environment
Different ways to protect ourselves from the environment (Part 2)
Protecting ourselves from the environment (Part 3)

6. pH & the leaky gut

7. Stomach health: stop acid reflux, prevent cancer & improve your life

8. Digestion & Neurodegeneration

9. Blood Brain Barrier & how to protect yourself with earthing
blood brain barrier and how to protect yourself with earthing (Part 2)

10. pH & root canals

11. pH, earthing, and smart meters

12. Mouth & Body Connection
4G/5G and Mouth Body Connection
4G/5G and Mouth Body Connection (Part 2)

13. 4G/5G & its relationship with your teeth

14. pH & Osteoporosis
pH & osteoporosis (Part 2)
pH, osteoporosis, Futrex machine

15. Epigenetics & Mouth Body Connection
Epigenetics & Mouth Body Connection (Part 2)

16. Mouth Body Connection & Limbic System

17. Vaccinations

18. Bone Marrow Infections

19. 4G/5G and Estrogen
 4G/5G and Estrogen (Part 2)

20. 4G/5G Heavy Metal Toxicity
4G/5G Heavy Metal Toxicity (Part 2)

21. Protections to offset negative effects of 4G/5G

22. 4G/5G Bowling Ball Syndrome
4G/5G Bowling Ball Syndrome (Part 2)
4G/5G Bowling Ball Syndrome (Part 3)

23. 4G/5G Epigenetics & Reverse Entrainment

24. 4G/5G correlation with Fatty Liver and Diabetes
4G/5G correlation with Fatty Liver and Diabetes (Part 2)

25. 4G/5G and DNA Trauma

26. How to protect yourself man made electrical traumas

27. dos and donts of 4G/5G. How to opt out of airport scanners, warnings about dental xrays, tips about vaccination
Dos & Don'ts of 4G/5G (Part 2)
Dos & Don'ts (Part 3)

28. 5G has begun


"What to Expect on Your 1st Visit" Webinar by Dr. Gooing 

In this webinar Dr. Gooing discusses

  • What you can expect as a new patient 
  • How your 1st visit will go
  • The different treatments we offer 


"Cell Phone Depolarization" Webinar by Dr. Gooing 

In this webinar Dr. Gooing discusses

  • The basics of EMFs and Radiation Toxicity 
  • How Cell phones get depolarized 
  • What you can do to protect yourself


"Dangers of EMF & Cell Phones" Featured Webinar by Dr. Mercola

In this featured webinar Dr. Mercola discusses

  • The basics of EMFs and Radiation Toxicity 
  • How dangerous cell phones and cell phone towers are
  • Actual meter readings of radiation released by Cell phones 


"Do You Have the Flu?" Informational Webinar Featuring Dr. Gooing & Mayra 

In this video Dr. Gooing goes over

  • The recent flu epidemic 
  • Flu vaccines and medicines 
  • How to treat your flu


"ADJUSTMENT ONLY" Informational Webinar featuring Dr. Gooing and Yolanda 

  In this video Dr. Gooing goes over 

  • Why it is important to examine a patient before an adjustment.
  • The procedures taken when you haven't been in the office for more than a year.
  • How you can prepare for you visit if you're on a time crunch. 


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