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Every week he focuses on a different topic but always allots time for your questions and concerns. Stay informed by following our livestream account linked below.

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For those of you who have been tuning into our Live Webinars, we have some exciting news! We will continue the webinars now starting at 10:30am on Thursday mornings just as you would listen to your daily morning radio shows.

The webinar will still be held on our Facebook platform, so make sure to share with your friends and family if they might have any questions! Make sure to call in at (714)-556-9188

You can contact us at [email protected] or call at (714)-556-9188

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NEW webinar time & day: Thursday at 10:30am

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1. pH; the 5 keys to great health
pH; the 5 keys to great health (Part 2)

2. Why is pH important?

3. pH; acid VS. alkaline
pH; acid VS alkaline (Part 2)

4. Thyroid & Parathyroid Connection
 Thyroid & Parathyroid Connection (Part 2)

5. Protecting ourselves from the environment
Different ways to protect ourselves from the environment (Part 2)
Protecting ourselves from the environment (Part 3)

6. pH & the leaky gut

7. Stomach health: stop acid reflux, prevent cancer & improve your life

8. Digestion & Neurodegeneration

9. Blood Brain Barrier & how to protect yourself with earthing
blood brain barrier and how to protect yourself with earthing (Part 2)

10. pH & root canals

11. pH, earthing, and smart meters

12. Mouth & Body Connection
4G/5G and Mouth Body Connection
4G/5G and Mouth Body Connection (Part 2)

13. 4G/5G & its relationship with your teeth

14. pH & Osteoporosis
pH & osteoporosis (Part 2)
pH, osteoporosis, Futrex machine

15. Epigenetics & Mouth Body Connection
Epigenetics & Mouth Body Connection (Part 2)

16. Mouth Body Connection & Limbic System

17. Vaccinations

18. Bone Marrow Infections

19. 4G/5G and Estrogen
 4G/5G and Estrogen (Part 2)

20. 4G/5G Heavy Metal Toxicity
4G/5G Heavy Metal Toxicity (Part 2)

21. Protections to offset negative effects of 4G/5G

22. 4G/5G Bowling Ball Syndrome
4G/5G Bowling Ball Syndrome (Part 2)
4G/5G Bowling Ball Syndrome (Part 3)

23. 4G/5G Epigenetics & Reverse Entrainment

24. 4G/5G correlation with Fatty Liver and Diabetes
4G/5G correlation with Fatty Liver and Diabetes (Part 2)

25. 4G/5G and DNA Trauma

26. How to protect yourself man made electrical traumas

27. dos and donts of 4G/5G. How to opt out of airport scanners, warnings about dental xrays, tips about vaccination
Dos & Don'ts of 4G/5G (Part 2)
Dos & Don'ts (Part 3)

28. 5G has begun

29. 5G Satellite Starlink and your natural immune and faraday systems

30. Stem Cells and Our Natural Immune and Faraday Systems

31. Sleep, your first symptom!

32. Gooing Chriopractic Clinic was live!

33. Gooing Chriopractic Clinic was live!

34. Gooing Chriopractic Clinic was live!


"What to Expect on Your 1st Visit" Webinar by Dr. Gooing 

In this webinar Dr. Gooing discusses

  • What you can expect as a new patient 
  • How your 1st visit will go
  • The different treatments we offer 


"Cell Phone Depolarization" Webinar by Dr. Gooing 

In this webinar Dr. Gooing discusses

  • The basics of EMFs and Radiation Toxicity 
  • How Cell phones get depolarized 
  • What you can do to protect yourself


"Dangers of EMF & Cell Phones" Featured Webinar by Dr. Mercola

In this featured webinar Dr. Mercola discusses

  • The basics of EMFs and Radiation Toxicity 
  • How dangerous cell phones and cell phone towers are
  • Actual meter readings of radiation released by Cell phones 


"Do You Have the Flu?" Informational Webinar Featuring Dr. Gooing & Mayra 

In this video Dr. Gooing goes over

  • The recent flu epidemic 
  • Flu vaccines and medicines 
  • How to treat your flu


"ADJUSTMENT ONLY" Informational Webinar featuring Dr. Gooing and Yolanda 

  In this video Dr. Gooing goes over 

  • Why it is important to examine a patient before an adjustment.
  • The procedures taken when you haven't been in the office for more than a year.
  • How you can prepare for you visit if you're on a time crunch. 


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