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Chiropractic Care in the 21st Century

The rapid changes in science and technology offer amazing advancements for the care and wellness of our patients. The old model of correcting the subluxation and nerve interference alone isn't enough to keep you well.

Dr. Gooing found that many of his patients were unable to hold their adjustments and needed to return on a regular basis for upkeep. He did not consider this a state of wellness and went on a mission to discover a solution. What he found was a subluxation, or structural misalignment, was not the root cause but a symptom of a deeper cause. With the new technology available for diagnosis and treatment, he was able to uncover the root causes of your "back" problems and correct them for long lasting relief and wellness.

Gooing Chiropractic Clinic embraces the new tools to help us address the cause of your symptoms, correct those underlying causes and then correct the symptoms to restore your body to wellness.

One of the most remarkable advancements is the understanding that the body is electric. Your electrical body must be in balance to keep your organ and structural body in balance. An imbalance in the body can happen from environmental factors, DNA factors or traumas. Traumas can be emotional, physical or chemical. Traumas can include foreign organisms in your body that most Americans are in denial about but over 90% have.

Look thru our site for some of the new tools and techniques Gooing Chiropractic uses.

Gooing Chiropractic Clinic customizes your care for your unique needs. We don't just "crack your back" anymore! Our goal is to restore your body to its’ natural state of wellness by identifying the root causes of your systems and correcting them!

We have answers you haven't found before!

What People Are Saying......

I love the work Dr. Gooing does, I didn't know how good I could feel until I started going to Dr. Gooing. He is a ray of light in my darkened state of mind.

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