Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA  is a diagnostic tool and technique that combines multiple techniques to examine and diagnose and the function of the multidimensional system of the body simultaneously. On a bio-electrical and DNA level including the teeth. This multidimensional approach to your multidimensional system gives us the opportunity to diagnose the cause and affect of many cases that have gone unsolvable for. Scientists believe the answers to your health concerns  lie  within  the body’s own Quantum Energy Biofield on a DNA level.

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What is a trauma?

A trauma is any event: physical, chemical, emotional, or electrical that has a great enough force to disrupt or depolarize your electrical biofield and will be recorded on a DNA level this causes a chain reaction of depolarization of all of the systems in your body simultaneously including your teeth, immune system, and spine. You may or may not have an awareness or symptoms associated with it.

How do we correct the traumas found?

Traumas represent depolarizing events that have been encoded or recorded not your DNA. We use our multiple techniques to locate and identify these traumas on a DNA level. We then use multiple cold lasers to identify the specific electrical frequencies of the trauma and the force of the traumatic event that depolarized your system. Using epigenetics we know that your DNA is linked to linguistics and that your DNA is 97% dynamic and that it can be influenced and re-programed with the right combination of homeopathic frequency therapy and the right semantic or word combinations. Then we use quantum physics to identify the correct homeopathic frequencies and the force of the depolarizing trauma. Using the principle of entrainment we can then reverse the depolarization on a DNA level and repolarize or reverse the effects of the trauma on a DNA level. The key here is having enough lasers to create enough force to reverse the force of the traumatic events.


The 10 steps to restoration and recovery include using multiple techniques and multiple lasers simultaneously 30 mins to 90 mins per session + mudpack procedure and nano nutritional therapy.


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