Talk To The Doctor

Talk To the Doctor Program 

This program gives new and current patients the ability to have a one on one conversation with Dr. Gooing over the phone or through email before or after your appointment. You will get to ask him any pressing questions about your health or about what we do at the clinic.

Email: [email protected] to set up an appointment.

This program will help you and both get the best results on your visits to clinic. Please remember that you are only aware of 12% of your body consciously so when you have any sudden intuitive thoughts about your health you want to take note of them. When you are in a relationship with your conscience and sub-conscience brain you have 7x the ability to help your self to recovery. When you supply me with this information and your phone number at least 48 hours in advance of your appointments or your first appointment at the office then I have a chance to reflect upon your condition. This will allow my intuition to go to work on your case. When you wait until your visit to try and fit all of your concerns into your appointment it can be overwhelming for me to react and proceed. Given the chance to prepare and game plan I will be able to give more concise answers and figure out what to do moving forward.


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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "I came down from Bend Oregon after a stroke, seizure, and death! I left feeling much more healthy and alive. Take a chance on your health! I did and it paid off in big dividends! Thanks to both Doctors there!"
    Terry H.