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The following testimonials describe the miracles people have experienced after working with the Gooing Chiropractic Clinic.

Dear Dr. Gooing ...This is Laura's Mom. I  want to thank you for being Laura's kind, caring and competent doctor.  Please know that I am very grateful for you. My daughter holds you in high regard and really trusts and cares for you. Therefore, so do I!  She follows your medical protocol with determination, perseverance, positive attitude along with a deep faith in God. I don't understand the medical aspects of her condition but I do know she looks  good, feels good and has energy!! 

I trust that God is healing her and I am very grateful He has placed you in her life. Please  accept my heartfelt gratitude and know that I truly do appreciate you more than words can say. May God bless you! 


Dear Dr. Gooing,

A little while ago I came to you with pain in the back of my head and neck. I had been to my primary care physician for help, but he didn’t know what the problem was and he sent me to an orthopedic doctor, who sent me to a physical therapist. Instead of helping, the pain got worse. After more then fifteen months of suffering and no help, I came to you for help. After just a few visits you zeroed in on the cause and fixed it. I have been pain free now for a year and believe the pain is gone for good.

I just wanted to write to thank you for all your help. I have to admit that I had some doubts at first. I wasn’t sure a chiropractor could help me, but you made me a believer. Thanks again and I certainly would recommend you to anyone.


Dear Dr. Gooing & Staff

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for the help you have given me. Before I came to you, I was feeling miserable — both physically and emotionally. I was suffering frequent crippling headaches, which have occurred for many years. Over the years I have visited various doctors and chiropractors, but the problems remained. I also had very little energy, difficulty concentrating, numerous other ailments, and was overweight. Truly, I felt half dead and it was all I could do to make it through the day and collapse at home in the evening with no energy to do anything.

From the first visit to your clinic I began to feel better. What a relief it was to receive not only a thorough diagnostic examination, but also a clear and detailed explanation of the problems with my neck and spine, and your recommended course of treatment.

The effects of your treatments have been spectacular. Since coming to you, my headaches disappeared almost immediately, and I have not had a single headache of the debilitating kind. You also started me on a nutritional program. Following your advice I have completely changed the way I approach food and my eating habits, and I have lost fifty pounds! I have so much more energy, and am now back to functioning normally. I feel great! You cannot believe how many people remark not only on the weight I have lost, but how healthy I look. I am a different person!

All of this is due to you and your wonderful staff, particularly Susan, Jo, and Dr. Shaw. As a patient I have really appreciated the friendly, attentive and helpful attitude you all have, and particularly the way you go the extra step and take the time to explain the treatments and encouragingly help me through the program. I am committed to continuing with the program, but the six months at your clinic has changed my life around and I can’t thank you enough.

You can be sure that I will be recommending you to anyone who needs chiropractic help. I have already sent one friend your way.

All the best to you all!


Hello Dr. Gooing,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for you help and generosity over the past couple of months. During these difficult economic times, I have had to re-build my business at the same time as I am trying to hang onto my home. So it’s a blessing when someone like you extends a helping hand — literally.

Your good deeds will not go unnoticed and surely your blessings will increase ten fold!


I wanted to thank you and your staff. You are kind and gentle people who know how to treat what ails me. When I came in to see you, you allowed me to unload all my worries and doubts, and I humbly and truly thank you.

Of all the great gifts that are given to us, it is caring for one another in human kindness and then sharing that wonderful gift — which is what you do.

Thank you!


Dear Dr. Gooing,

It’s been a while since you’ve seen me, but it’s been pressing in my mind and heart for the past several weeks, and I want to give my heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff.

I went to your office about four years ago. I was depressed, overweight, had vicious migraines and was “spinally” challenged. I continued with my visits until I could no longer face the reality that I had to make many changes in my life. It was too much of a burden to come into your office emotionally and financially. I decided almost two years ago that I needed to deal with the issues I’ve had all of my life and I’m so proud to say that I’ve made a lot of changes that have been the catalyst for feeling better about myself. I followed many diets, sought professional help for my depression and I’m content and happy! There are times I feel a little out of “whack” in the back/spinal department though!

The reason I tell you these things is because as I have reflected, you and your staff were never less than professional, kind, compassionate, accommodating and helpful. What I remember most about Michael Gooing was his drive and passion to help people. You were always so kind to me giving me tips on how to live a healthier life, but were never condescending or mean like so many people in the world. You were willing to do just about anything to help me feel better, and you’ll never know how much that means to me. What I admire is your ability to make people — myself — feel as though that’s not the reason you’re in the business. It’s for that reason that I’ve written you this letter thanking you for caring enough to help people the way you do. You’re a wonderful chiropractor, and an even better person for really caring about helping people.


Dr. Gooing,

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but didn’t know where to start or how to fully express my gratitude to you and your staff.

A friend recommended you to me, and I refused to make an appointment because I had not heard anything good about a chiropractor. I think I must have canceled twice before coming to you. On the day I came to you, I went with mixed emotions, pain, frustration, etc. due to not being able to find out what was wrong with me, and tired of the pain and painkillers.

Dr. Gooing I crawled into your office not able to do anything for myself, and your staff greeted me in such an unexpected way. I wasn’t used to getting that kind of treatment from other doctor’s offices.

Dr. Gooing you went above and beyond when you called to make sure I was feeling OK and that your treatment worked. I feel better than I ever felt in my whole life. I know that you were sent from God, because I know I would not have gotten these results if I had gone to another doctor. It’s great to know that there are still doctors out there that care about their patients.

At first I was scared of going to a chiropractor, but after this experience you are all I can talk about. People must understand that there is no pain involved in this treatment and that in fact we feel much better after the treatment.

Dr. Gooing I could never express how thankful I am for what you and your office have done for me. If I didn’t go see you due to stubbornness there is no telling were I would be now. By the time my doctor called to let me know to come in and find a place that will do physical therapy, you already healed me.

I owe my recovery to God and to you because God worked through you to heal me. I know I can’t do as much as I would like to do but it’s just a matter of time before I can do all I want to and be able to have my children jump and play on me without the pain or me been having to tell them “I can’t lift you up.” I give myself at least another month and I know my back will be stronger than it is know.



I was in an accident in September of 1946 that almost resulted in the loss of my right leg. Because of that I had problems walking. I didn’t realize that until a few years ago. My son took me to Dr. Gooing and he took care of the problem that I had for over 50 years in my hip.

It has never returned. I walk like I have never been able to do. It is a thrill to live with this new way of walking. I don’t have words to say how pleased I am.


When I finally came to you for treatment, I had been suffering from pain and numbness in my wrists, hands and fingers, since 1993. I’d made all the usual rounds to doctors and received the following, “You probably have carpal tunnel,” “It could be rheumatoid arthritis,” “Maybe you have osteoarthritis,” and finally, “You lived with this a long time, maybe you should just accept it.”

A little light bulb came on when my friend at work suggested I see her chiropractor. When I arrived for my first appointment, the fingers on both hands were swollen like sausages, numb and tingling at night and hot and painful during the day. My face was going crazy with acne, and I was taking at least ten antacids per day for heartburn”.

My chiropractic experience has been an outstanding success. In a few short months, my head is literally on straight, the tendonitis in my elbow has not reoccurred, and the pain, numbness and swelling in my hands is gone for the most part. I take no antacids and my skin is looking a little better each day.”

I shared my chiropractic experience with coworkers and to date have referred four new patients, with success stories of their own to tell.

Thanks for everything and keep up the miracle healing!



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