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The rapid changes in science and technology offer amazing advancements for the health care of our patients. The model of symptom oriented medicine and the mechanical approach are antiquated. The human body is a multidimensional organism and requires a multidimensional approach to the causation of the symptoms you are experiencing.

As a homeopathic chiropractor, Dr. Gooing uses multiple techniques simultaneously to examine all the systems in the body including the teeth and their inter-related connections to your symptoms to discover the root issues of your concerns.

Some of the tools and techniques we use are multiple cold l laser frequency diagnostics and treatments, premiere research cellular resonant nano-nutrition, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Spinal motion and spinal disc decompression, Sacral Occipital cranial Technique, multiple chiropractic techniques including sequencing of the organ meridian spinal systems Trauma Correction technique, and pH correction.

Gooing Chiropractic Clinic uses this greater selection of techniques and treatment options to customize your care for your unique needs. We don't just "crack your back" anymore! Our goal is to restore your pH to promote your body natural healing mechanisms

Homeopathy and Epigenetics

Epigenetics is the science of how your DNA interacts with the environment. Your DNA is 97 % dynamic or pliable, changeable. Only 3% is static or set and unchangeable. Homeopathy takes into consideration all of the systems in your body including your teeth on a DNA level. Any and all insults to your body will be recorded with an electrical signature in your DNA  changing you on a DNA level and changing the dynamic interaction of all of your systems spontaneously and simultaneously just like a virus on your computer.

Your Electrical Biofield and Polarity 

Your body is an electrical system that is interconnected with all of the systems in your body on a DNA level. Your normal electrical biofield should have a negative charge with is  a normal healthy functioning electrical system, and pH.

When your biofield is traumatized for what ever the cause is, it will be recorded into your DNA like a file on your computer and if the force of the trauma is great enough, your electrical biofield will be depolaried and will test positive on testing. Your pH will be yellow or 6.0 and below.


When your body is exposed to environmental forces of any type with a great enough electrical + charge it will depolarize your entire electrical biofield and all systems simultaneously. When you are exposed to man made artificial electrical fields of a great enough force it will depolarize your biofield and all systems as well as your teeth. When your teeth are depolarized you will see a crashed pH of 6.0 or below and this is referred to dead man walking syndrome.

Testing your ph

When your biofield is testing normal your body is producing oxygen which is the greatest known antibiotic. 6.8 to 7.0 on the pH scale is considered restoration and prevention. 6.0 or below your body is producing acid which causes inflammation. Foreign organisms love an acid pH and your body is an open door to the environment. 

X-ray and cell phones

X-ray always damages us on a DNA level that is why they tell you to never X-ray a pregnant woman. 99% of X-ray is scatter and is cumulative in our bodies on a DNA level. Digital X-rays are  like 8 X-rays with film. An MRI is like 500 X-rays while a CT-scan is like 1000 X-rays.

Cell phones have now been listed as a carcinogen by the state of California and publicly informed us that they produce radiation just like an X-ray. Your cell phones can actually adapt up for reception and change frequencies to mimic those of + ions just like an X-ray and depolarize you on  a DNA level. Multiple cell phones depolarized and combined in close proximity can have the affect of an MRI on your electrical biofield causing global depolarization of all the systems in your body.

Homeopathic spinal sequencing

One of the things we say is that it is all about the sequence of the adjustment . Your spine is just one of the many systems in your multidimensional body and biofield. Many times the spine will be a symptom of what is wrong with you vs the cause of what is wrong with you. Many time we have to depolarize your biofield in order to get the right sequence of the adjustments. This is where we use multiple techniques simultaneously to correct your spine in association with your biofield and organ meridians. When you get the right sequence you do not need to use any force and you hold the corrections depending on how chronic your condition is. The original chiropractors were actually homeopaths who incorporated chiropractic into their techniques.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA is applied kinesiology on a DNA level that allows us to examine all of your systems on a bio-electrical and DNA level. QRA allows us to examine all of the systems in your body simultaneously beyond your perception, including the teeth as a diagnostic tool in the "no one can figure out what is wrong with" cases.

Neuro-Emotional Technique and Applied Kinesiology

Your conscious brain can process about 2500 thoughts per day. Your subconscious brain 2500 thoughts per second and you are only aware of about 12% of your body consciously. NET allows us to access your subconscious brain on a DNA level beyond your perception to identify insults and traumas to your electrical boiled that happened beyond your perception.

Erichonia and Avant Cold Laser 

We use cold lasers only that produce a light frequency exactly like that of the body. There is no thermal affect like with a hot laser. Because of the multi frequency capability of the cold lasers we can use homeopathic frequencies as a diagnostic tool and as a therapy to correct the electrical biofield on a  DNA level and speed up the restoration/recovery process. Then we use multiple lasers to bypass the  bodies adaptive mechanisms to find the hidden traumas depolarizing, and your bio-electrical system.

Spinal Motion and spinal disc Decompression and Correction 

The spinal discs have a spinal ball bearing like piece of carriage in between the vertebrae. When the vertebrae are depolarized the ball bearing will slip out of place and wedge the upper and lower vertebra like a rock in your shoe. This requires a specific approach to correcting the disc displacement that is different the the injury to the ligaments seen on MRI exam. It requires the spine to be placed into motion to open up the disc space so that you can reset the ball bearing in the dis that is displaced . This restores normal motion to the 2 vertebrae and the disc to allow for rehabilitation to rest the disc ligaments. Ligaments can go through a 500 day restoration process. So it is really important to be able to make the right diagnosis of a displaced or slipped disc to prevent herniation or to even recover from a herniation.

Sacral Occipital Technique and the Bowling Ball Syndrome

Head traumas are much more significant than any other trauma. Every organ meridian is mapped out on your head and every nerve in your body is related to your teeth. When your electrical boiled is traumatized and or depolarized, every bone in your head changes position and your entire equilibrium and center of gravity will change. Your head will then weigh an extra 5-10 pounds making your head weight up to 30 pounds.

Nutritional Counseling & Quantum “Cellular Resonant” Nano Nutrition

Live cell DNA nutritional products designed to function on a DNA level and are used to diagnose and treat your conditions and support restoration and recovery and a balance 7.0 pH prescribed to support your wellness program.



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